Why gratitude isn’t working out for you.

Deena Al Jassasi
2 min readNov 24, 2022

On jealousy, darkness and light.

Someone once came to me complaing of their excessive jealousy. How, they could never be grateful for what they have in their lives and are constantly comparing themselves to others. That, it’s been such a struggle and all the advice given revolved around blessings and gratitude. And, he in fact cannot stand gratitude and the idea of being ‘thankful’ does nothing.

The answer was clear as day.

That’s because that’s light work. You have too much unprocessed dark to deal with that there’s no space for gratitude and light work.

Basically, instead of focusing on what’s “good”. It’s time to seek out and figure out what’s “bad”. Usually, when we’re jealous, it’s usually linked to us thinking that we cannot have what other’s have. Bringing us to the question, why do you think you cannot have it? And, importantly, imagine you have it. Do you even want it?

But, essentially, it breaks down to this. What’s the fear that comes from it — are you worried that if you don’t have what they have — that maybe you’re less worthy and lovable? That people would think less of you? And, if thats the case, then being jealous is a symptom to a much more important issue — which is you and your relationship with yourself? Because, if that’s the case, then that ought to be your priority to repair and mend. And, by knowing that, it’ll be easier to have others help you. Professionally and personally.

Listen, that voice in your head can calm down and things can be changed. If you listen beyond the jealousy and really question what’s causing the jealousy. And, usually its a form of disharmony within the self — in one way, shape or form.

So, as you repair that relationship. There will be a form of clearance. Negative issues and destructive matters cleared away in a healthy way. And, as you continue to clear away the dark — you’ll be creating more space. This space allows you to let in the light. You’ll be more receptive towards appreciation and gratitude and all that good stuff. Because ultimately, to be able to be greatful. And, to practice gratitude as a skill. Will immensely change your life. And, allow you to live a much more peaceful meaningful existence. So, it does get better or can get better, if you tackle it correctly. It could change your life from jealous to greatful.



Deena Al Jassasi

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