Welcome to the Fifth Wave of Feminism: A Critique of the Western Female Empowerment Model (WFE).

Deena Al Jassasi
7 min readMay 23


I find it absolutely mind-boggling how the concept of ‘western female empowerment’ is built on pseudoscience. They promote the idea that women need to mimic men to achieve ‘equality.’ But here’s the truth: equality is not synonymous with sameness. Just as there are different paths to a destination, each offering unique experiences, equality allows for diversity while maintaining balance and contrast. The problem with the Western Female Empowerment (WFE) model is its complete disregard for our biological differences. By selectively choosing which scientific evidence to acknowledge, it creates a breeding ground for power imbalances and gender exploitation. This essay highlights the hypocrisy of the WFE model, which falsely claims to fully benefit females while primarily favoring two subsets of male groups and a subset of females, while neglecting the rest.

Let’s dig into the science behind it. Our hormones play a significant role in shaping our lives — everything from our mood and stress response to our social behavior, sleep, hunger, attraction, and even mating behavior. It’s frustrating that throughout history, females have been largely ignored in scientific studies. They were deemed too complicated, so they were often excluded. It’s only recently that they’ve started to be taken into consideration. Consequently, there’s still so much we don’t know about female health, leading to widespread misconceptions.

From the moment we’re born, our sex hormones start shaping us — both physically and psychologically. They influence how our bodies develop and impact our behavior, even into adulthood and our choices of partners and procreation. Our formative years are crucial, and any disruption in our hormonal cycle during that time can lead to rapid and lasting changes in our growth. It’s a testament to how vital hormones are in our lives.

For instance, let’s look back to around 1589. Choir boys were castrated before reaching puberty to preserve their ‘soft voices.’ The absence of testosterone prevented their vocal cords from deepening, underscoring the significance of hormones.

Moreover, the most critical hormonal fluctuation within humanity is our sex hormonal cycle. Without the ebb and flow of hormones like Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone, Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinizing Hormone (LH), Prolactin, and Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH), we wouldn’t even exist.

Furthermore, female neurochemicals are greatly influenced by their 28-day cycle. This grants them a monthly advantage in perceiving reality. During specific weeks, their serotonin, dopamine, and other neurotransmitter levels drop, leading them to view the world through a slightly negative lens. This negative priming helps them pay keen attention to errors and inconsistencies, offering a protective mechanism against predators. While males may possess physical strength, females exhibit heightened consciousness. Both qualities serve as evolutionary benefits, as equality doesn’t mean we have to be identical.

When it comes to reproduction, males have three options:

  1. long-term partnership,
  2. short-term partnership, and
  3. forced partnership through aggression, abuse, and rape.

For females, it’s in their best interest to choose a long-term partner since the risks associated with carrying a child for nine months without support are high. Consequently, females tend to be more selective, as their lives depend on finding a committed and supportive long-term partner.

Naturally, today we no longer fully live in a world with minimal to no options. The rise of birth-control, early preganancy detection and safe abortive procedure — reduces the risk of females dying — or forcefully carrying an unwanted human. The rise in abortions is theorized to reduce crime rates. One of the most horrendous action a human can do is set up another human up for misery and failure. Not to say that ‘unplanned’ humans cannot succeed or be happy. Rather, its a matter of probability. A child growing up with two adoring parents, will more likely thrive, than a child raised by a raped, traumatized, abandoned, single mother. It is idiot and beyond illogical to prioritise a bundle of fertilized cells, over the life a grown female. Once the conditons are healthy, she can get pregnant again within weeks. But, she cannot undo the birth of a human being. And, forever, altering her life trajectory in every single aspect of her existence. Hence, making life easier to live and allowing us — as humans, to cognitively and intentionally progress forward.

Now, I’m not trying to undermine the importance of socialization or gender norms. Our experiences shape us just as much as our hormones do. External factors can override our biology. The key lies in finding a harmony between our hormones, psychology, and physiology.

I would never — ever stand in the way of a woman’s right to choose what she believes in, whether it’s sameness or any other path she wants to pursue. It’s her choice, and I fully support her freedom to make that decision. That’s the essence of free will, and I will always respect her for it. Therefore, I want to clarify that I don’t portray the feminist movement as entirely negative. Once we zoom out, we can clearly see that feminism is a step forward, not backward. This piece aims to highlight the aspects that are often overlooked or missing. It calls for necessary changes and forward reform, which represent the true essence of the 5th wave of feminism. It’s not about going backward; it’s about moving forward and making progress. As women, our goal is to be fully recognized and respected members of humanity.

The main issue with the current feminist model, in my opinion, is the lack of scientific and evolutionary consideration, particularly regarding the important role of hormones and the concept of selectiveness. Without taking these aspects into account, we inadvertently push female mating patterns to conform to the short-term partnership norms commonly associated with males. This behavior model clashes with the evolutionary-shaped hormonal-led behavior that exists within us. More importantly, it benefits the ‘short partnership’ group by allowing them to bypass the direct deceptive behaviour — by convincing the females that it’s in her best interest to be minimally invested in. If you can’t beat them, have them join you. Speaking of male beaters, the third male group consists of the forced partnerships. The male predators, with the current WFE model, can better get away with their violent and forceful behaviour. Falsely hiding under the premise of the second group of males. This can be clearly seen with comments such as, “she asked for it”, “I couldn’t help myself” and “she wanted it”. Justifying their physical, psychological and sexual abuse with blame-shifting. Going as far as saying, “well, you asked for equality” and “this is feminism”. An action similar to murdering someone just because you they irritate you.

The first group of males, those whom desire long term partnerships, feel ostracised and neglected, during the WFE model. Falsely believing that it is the fault and advantage of the female, and with absolutely no advantage to the male. Hence, rather than redirecting their energy towards reforming the model and a healthy orientation towards healthy female dynamics. While clearly understanding how it is the gain of the other two male groups that lead to their loss. This false perception of reality leads them to high levels of frustration and negative externalization. Thus, favoring, the regressive females, whom are stuck between the first and second wave of feminism. They enjoy and exercise their right to relative autonomy: bank account, internet presence, obtaining medical and legal help. But, are not fully second wave — as they do not support for the advancement of reproductive rights — with a high emphasis upon chastity and submission. The third wave of feminism highlighting intersectionality of race and socio-economic structure, the fourth stressing upon empowerment, rape culture and bodily autonomy.

The fith wave of feminism is theorized by some feminist theoires as anti-work. This essay counter agues it by stating — it is not counter work, rather directed towards a differential work. For example, let’s look at the current employment work culture, with its rigid nine-to-five schedule. This routine is tailored to fit a male’s 24-hour testosterone and cortisol cycle, which isn’t efficient nor effective to females. After all, their hormonal cycles span 28 days. They experience mental, physical, and energetic peaks during weeks 2–3 of their cycle, followed by a dip during weeks 4–1. During the peak period, high intensity activities are to be scheduled. During the low period, low intensity and stillness are to be scheduled. Failure to work with the female body brings forth immense, preventable, pain and suffering. This is clearly and sadly represented in the normalization of monthly female suffering. That, and the rise of Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The lack of synergy with the female hormonal cycle is leading to females becoming unwell. Pressingly, affecting their ability to reproduce. The 5th wave of feminism advocates for flexible schedules that align with the normative female reproductive cycle. It’s a reminder that females didn’t choose the ability to bear and nurture life within their bodies. And, a sharp reminder, have some repect you, came from a woman.

It’s time to embrace the new wave of feminism and leave behind outdated beliefs and practices. The 5th wave reminds us that happier females ultimately lead to happier males. The resurgence of regressive and backward ideologies, such as the red-pill movement, serves as a clear indicator that we must continue pushing forward. We need to update our social structures to include and integrate the shaping of our evolution and to respect our bodies. To respect female bodies. It’s about finding a balance between psychological and physiological factors, action and thought, and considering both: biology and cognitive advancement.

Here’s to a future filled with progress and positive change.

Here’s to the fifth wave of feminism.



Deena Al Jassasi

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