The Guide To Hacking Your Psyche.

Deena Al Jassasi
14 min readJan 22, 2023

A cyber-humanistic guide created to help you – become the best you, you could be.

Cyber Perspective:

Hardware -> Operating System -> Application -> User

Imagine yourself as a walking, talking, computer.

Your mind is software, your body is hardware, and your consciousness is electricity. Any form of malfunction or disconnect must be addressed and strengthened before proceeding next.

Your software is divided into two: Operating System (OS) and Applications (AP). The OS reflects your subconscious mind and the AP reflects your conscious mind. Your OS is the panel that organizes, connects and navigates between the hardware (your brain) and applications (your consciousness). Your AP is the space that hosts mental tabs of day-to-day thoughts and connects the external world (the user) with the internal subconscious (the OS). Deeply embedded internal programming could be found within the OS. Superficially embed external programming could be found within the AP. Therefore, varying the difficulty of the hacking process depending on the location of the bugged code.

Both your OS and AP are written in mental code. Thus, in order to hack you code, you ought to follow a three step process. Firstly, to read and troubleshoot your code. Finding where the external programming lies. Secondly, to edit and debug your code. Erasing and rewriting the programming. Thirdly, to run and automate your code. Setting up and streamlining OP and AP systems. They will be referred to as the following three phases: Troubleshoot, Edit and Automate.

There are two forms of programming installed within you. Your internal programming and your external programming. Your internal programming is created and installed to ensure the optimal functioning of your machine to operate in your best interest. Your external programming works in the best interest of the developer.

(See internal versus external programming for more information).

Humanistic Perspective:

You have a mind, a body and states of consciousness. You are neither your mind, nor you body, nor your consciousness, rather you are beyond that.

As the sum is greater than its parts.

‍You live in a dualistic 3D world, where this is order and chaos, that could be external and/or internal. You strive to find balance while tilting the odds to your favor. You acknowledge the operation from the lower frequencies and the higher frequencies, as determined by the nature of your daily thoughts, based on your default programming. You contain elements of light and dark within yourself. The dark is your shadow side, the self operating from a lower frequency. Including your neuroticism and your demons. Your neuroticism are your natural dark tendencies, this darkness rightfully belongs to you. Your demons are the external form of darkness and harm inflicted externally, this darkness rightfully does not belong to you. The light is the embodiment of your true higher self.

Essentials -> Dark —> Light

The self that is operating from a higher frequency, with programming geared towards the best interest of the self. It is who you are, with intentionality, purpose and positive impact. You recognise that there are differential forms of dimensions that could be accessed through differential states of consciousness. Going through these realms, permits you access to spaces beyond the 3D.

‍Psychological Programming

Internal versus External Programming.

Internal Programming

Our brains have embedded modes of programming. This includes, not limited to, our visual system, language system and emotional system. Our bodies have physiological systems, nervous, immune, cardiac. Our brains emit electromagnetic and quantum fields that are active and reactive to our surroundings and influence our consciousness levels. These modes have developed throughout our evolution to ensure our survival and then our thrival as homosapiens. ‘The Guide’ works in sync within nature’s systems of human programming. The repeated objective is to have these systems work with you, than against you.

External Programming

We live within frameworks of power. This power could be ancient, such a patriarchal and religious power. Or recent, such as neo-liberal and white-supremist power. Systems of power create modes of mental programming tailored to have the human in question to serve in the greater interest of the power entity over the interest of their true self. These systems could be installed within us at any stage of our lifetime, from early development to complete maturity. These systems of power normally operate from a lower frequency, invoking emotions of anger, desire, grief, fear, apathy, guilt and shame. The repeated objective of ‘The Guide’ is to hack into the self, to edit out the external programming and reprogram the self to operate back to its own best interest.


Your hacking journey begins here. Once you’re here, you can navigate from the premise of your true self, which will lay the foundation for troubleshooting. Finding the errors within yourself will allow you to know where you are and where to go next. Hacking your existence is about knowing your reality. The cyber level involves being able to read your mental code and troubleshoot your machinery on both a physical and metaphysical level. This includes understanding the operating system and application software lifetime updates, distinguishing between internal and external programming, analyzing drive storage, and identifying the need for external intervention and professional upgrades.

The humanistic level involves learning the essence of your current and true self, analyzing your personality and the balance between order and chaos, using past selves and patterns to support and predict your future, understanding past relationships and patterns to support your future, analyzing and planning your mental real estate, distinguishing between need and want, and identifying the need for additional professional help.

Upon completion of the Essentials series, you can expect to:

  • Know the fundamental parts of yourself on psychological, physical, and consciousness levels.
  • Possess an organized, chronological orientation of the past, including a clear sense of direction for future patterns on both an individual and social level.
  • Understand the fundamentals of mindfulness and meta-cognition.
  • Comprehend deep analyses of mental programming and external societal programming.
  • Understand techniques for identifying personal needs in advance and successfully obtaining mental health help.

The concepts covered in this series include: Know Thyself, Individual Patterns: Past, Present and Future, Social Patterns: Past, Present and Future, Mental Real Estate, Need Versus Want, and Focused Help. The Focused Help workshop will detail educational tactics for obtaining help, with a focus on how to attain mental health help and differentiate between the various models of therapeutic treatment. In line with our value of accessibility, Focused Help will be available to the public once completed. The sections are as follows:


The core of who you truly are is how we can navigate every issue that is set into place. This session is dedicated towards breaking you down as a person and finding the essence of your true self. The breakdown will be achieved through a comprehensive personality inventory and order and chaos analysis. Together, we’ll break down everything about you, ultimately finding out your true inner self. We’ll evaluate your mind, your body, and your consciousness. All future sessions will be based on this session, with tracking of your updated health analysis and reportage.


Our lives are navigated by patterns and systems that we have embedded in our subconscious. This session is dedicated towards figuring out the patterns that navigate your life, starting from the past and looking at the present and future based on current trends. We will analyze the successful patterns and create a system of reinforcement. Moreover, we will breakdown and clarify your past selves – inner toddler, child, adolescent, teenager, adult – to see what was neglected and what was missed. This will map out the trauma timeline and impact, ultimately creating the framework for breaking dysfunctional patterns.


The interactions we have with other people are learned through the interactions we have been taught. This session is dedicated towards figuring out the social patterns that have been put into place. We will begin by analyzing your upbringing and the basics of your relationship with your caregivers. This sets the basis of your social patterns and clarifies your past selves. Then, we will evaluate your relationships, friendships, and romantic interests to analyze what went wrong and what went right, and which patterns you would like to reinforce and which patterns you would like to break.


What occupies your mind occupies valuable space. This session is dedicated towards assessing what truly occupies your mind and whether or not it should be there. We’ll be analyzing the “meta” aspect of yourself and the extent to which the real estate inside your head is occupied by others or by yourself. Here, we will begin the analysis of internal and external forms of programming, teaching you the fundamentals of mindfulness and meta-cognition. Furthermore, we will investigate the links and reinforcements that constructed the real estate in your head, ultimately leading to a prototype map of the future real estate you would like in your head.


Liking something without wanting is heaven, while wanting something without liking is hell. This session is dedicated towards figuring out and clearly differentiating your “needs” and your “wants”, specifically whether or not they are truly your genuine needs or wants and whether these needs and wants stem from internal or external programming. Moreover, we will analyze how and where you fulfill your needs and wants, emphasizing the possibility of self-fulfillment of needs and the external delegation of wants. We will also consider whether your upbringing was collectivistic or individualistic. This session will create a framework for implementing and defending boundaries, which will be covered in the dark series. Additionally, we will allocate realistic inner accountability towards personal thoughts, feelings, and emotions and distinguish clearly between others’ thoughts, feelings, and emotions.


Help and resources are available, but it can be overwhelming when you don’t know where or how to seek it. Similarly, specialized issues require specialized solutions. This session is dedicated towards helping you receive the best help you can get. We will evaluate which type of next level professional services you need from psychological, bodily, and consciousness perspectives. This may include psychotherapists, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists, EMDR specialists, physiotherapists, dieticians, personal trainers, massage therapists, neurologists, energy healers, and light workers. Together, we can explore and plan the realms of possibility and necessary professional collaboration.

The Dark Series

  • Programming: Editing System I with System II
  • Cyber Theme: Debugging and hacking one’s code
  • Humanistic Theme: Transforming the subconscious into the conscious
  • Dualistic Component: Utilizing the darkness for the greater good
  • Based on: Strategic and Tactical Warfare

Upon completion of the Dark series, one can expect to:

  • Fundamentally understand and distinguish the darker aspects of the self.
  • Possess the ability to cognitively challenge oneself with differential ideologies and perspectives.
  • Understand the principles, strategies, and tactics of psychological warfare, including how to create and implement mental, physical, and consciousness boundaries.
  • Know how to work responsively, in sync with pain, suffering, and negativity.
  • Utilize mindset training to know the difference between scarcity and abundance, and survival and “thrival”.

Concepts covered in this series include: Neuroticism and Strategic Implementation, Utilizing Extremists, Boundaries Implementation and Defense Retaliation, Psychological Warfare: Strategy and Tactics, Pain, and Survival Versus Thrival.


Why be your worst enemy when you could be your best ally?

We all have a dark, shadow, neurotic form of ourselves that will never cease to exist, as perfection or absolute “goodness” is unattainable. Denying your darkness provokes it to work against you rather than with you. This session is dedicated towards finding your dark side, swiftly identifying your triggers, and figuring out when and where to utilize the shadow aspects of yourself, as well as healthy outlets. We will also separate the darker forms of yourself that are true to you from those that are externally installed within you (referred to as “system bugs” or “demons”). Additionally, we will address harm consideration, strategic utilization, and ethical guidelines in terms of dark outlets, ultimately figuring out how to utilize your dark powers for the greater good.


Boundaries keep us safe and create a clear distinction between ourselves and others. This session is dedicated towards defining and allocating the needs of the self and the wants of others, creating the groundwork needed to set personal emotional, physical, and energetic boundaries. We will reinforce this with assertiveness techniques and learning how to say no. We will also recognize manipulation, exploitation, and abuse, specifically how to quickly recognize and listen to your intuition. We will teach you the different levels of defense needed by identifying and raising defensive tactics according to the level of danger. Ultimately, this will help you know where your boundaries are and empower you to defend yourself when necessary.


Strategy wins the war, tactics win the battles. This session is dedicated towards training you in the art of psychological warfare. You will learn how to create a greater strategic objective and fine-tune the tactics to get there by learning how to study yourself and your enemy in terms of profile, resources, and patterns. This will allow you to seep inside their psyche and predict the possibilities of their future behavior and how to counteract each move, giving you the mental flexibility to be two steps ahead of your enemy and ultimately win the war.


According to Fitzgerald, first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two contradictory ideas at the same time while retaining the ability to function. This session is dedicated towards questioning everything you know to be true and re-examining the narrative and belief systems inside your head by examining and dabbling in other belief systems. We will also discuss how to use external programming constructively to build you up rather than sabotage you, and how to test different forms of external programming to increase emotional intelligence. Ultimately, we will teach you the tools to handle, banter, differentiate, and converse with the voices of others and the voices inside your head, separating your voice from the noise and giving you a deeper understanding of why others behave the way they do.


Sometimes in life, pain is inevitable and chronic, but we have a choice whether to face and accept it or deny and hate it. Communication is key in this process. This session is dedicated towards facing your pain on an integrative psychological and physiological level, teaching you how to take on a mindful and integrative perspective and approach towards handling your pain. We will help you release resentment towards the pain by communicating responsively instead of reactively, and understand what your body is communicating through the pain. We will also discuss future tactics and routines to ease, soothe, and ultimately release the pain. Finally, we will explore scripting an alternate pain-free reality to relinquish hope and the possibility of a pain-free future.


It’s time to appreciate the dark.

This session is dedicated towards making peace with the past by looking back with respect and healthy separation, acknowledging what has passed with gratitude. We will also create a defining moment to understand where you were, where you are now, and where you’d like to be. We will teach you the fundamental differences between survival mode and thrival mode, and what that means for you specifically, including a deeper understanding of the differences between scarcity and abundance mindsets. This will allow you to recognize when and how to adjust your mindset. Finally, we will metaphysically prepare you for the mental, physical, and consciousness detox that will take place next, ultimately helping you fully comprehend that stepping into the light doesn’t mean the full eradication of the dark.

The Light Series

Welcome to the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Cyber Theme: Running and automating one’s code
  • Mental Programming: Automating System II into System I
  • Humanistic Theme: Transforming the conscious into the subconscious
  • Dualistic Component: Carrying your light even on the darkest of days

Based on: Consciousness and Quantum Physics

Upon completion of the Light series, cardholders can expect to:

  • Seamlessly tap into the mind, body, and consciousness.
  • Possess the fundamental ability to script from the perspective of the future self.
  • Possess fundamental training in visualization and consciousness matching.
  • Envision a clear image and sketch of the future self, goals, and milestones.
  • Understand how to love and appreciate oneself.
  • Draw from gratitude training and consciousness energy matching.
  • Set up systems of conscious work to transform into the subconscious.
  • Script an individual aspect: mental, physical, and consciousness.
  • Script a social aspect: relationship, lifestyle, and career.
  • Access a novel reality.

‍Concepts covered in this series include: Securing, Reinforcing & Automating, Mental Athlete, Purpose, Money & Profession, Self-Adoration, Bodily Embodiment, 5D Love, and Worst Day Ever.


Our minds are software, our bodies are hardware, and our consciousness is electricity. In this session, we will focus on maximizing the potential of our machines by strengthening the connection between the three. We will discuss how to maintain and utilize your “machine” to its full potential through mindfulness, visualization, scripting, and quantum leaping. You will learn how to identify different states of consciousness and mental frequencies, including delta, theta, alpha, beta, and gamma waves, as well as how to tune in to your body through body scans.


Inspired by athletes who break world records through visualization, this session is dedicated to optimizing your mental performance. We will examine what recharges and drains your mental energy, and explore various forms of intelligence. We will also address imposter syndrome and train you to use alpha brain waves to harness the power of visualization. Together, we will create a vision of your ideal cognitive state and set up systems to maintain and sync your cognitive and consciousness levels.


We spend a significant portion of our lives working in a professional capacity, so why not pursue your true passions and talents? In this session, we will explore how to build an ideal career and lifestyle that aligns with your authentic self. This includes evaluating your natural talents, ethics, and skills, and identifying your “zone of genius.” We will also clarify your personal, social, and financial goals and create a visual landscape of your future and your definition of mastery. We will then establish systems to keep you on track and at your ideal pace, and utilize scripting and quantum leaping to manifest your true career and lifestyle.


Where there is hate, there is love. This session is dedicated to finding the love within the hate and seducing yourself. We will work together to find and secure your insecurities, identify your charm and seductive abilities, and understand what it means to be loved and accepted unconditionally. We will create the groundwork and systems for personal appreciation that lead to striving for and attaining unconditional self-love and self-adoration. We will use visualization techniques, such as scripting and quantum leaping, to help you fall in love with and stay in love with yourself. Remember, the most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself, so why not adore yourself?

5) 5D LOVE

Love is love, and, sometimes, we want to share that love. This session is dedicated to helping you create, visualize, and embody the human connection known as romantic love. The preliminary focus will be on your personal wants and future goals. We will break down your personality compatibility in terms of outliers, your language of love, and your idea of an ideal true partnership. Highlighting notions of gratitude, contentment, and seduction. Notably, a reminder of where your inner seductive power lies. Moreover, we will clarify your readiness level for a partnership, while addressing your scarcity versus abundance mindset and approach. Realistically, we will increase the probability levels by finding the spaces occupied by those of similar compatibility to you. Furthermore, we will metaphysically create and script from the perspective of you in your true partnership, thereby creating the space to attract what you wish to attain.


Society has conditioned us to link our bodies to shame. Industries have made billions off our bodily self-hate. This session is dedicated to helping you improve your relationship with your body through love and systems of appreciation. Specifically, we will focus on strengthening the mind-body connection through non-judgmental responsiveness. We will discuss lifestyle, diet, and insecurities, and set up preventative relapse systems and resources to help transform hate into love. We will also visualize, script, and quantum leap into the realm of the “ideal body” in order to tap into and embody that metaphysical feeling.


Welcome to the worst day ever. This session is dedicated to helping you handle the worst of the worst and still be okay. You will learn to let your emotions flow within you to empower you, rather than hinder you. We will focus on understanding and feeling the effects of your emotions in your body on your consciousness levels. We will work on identifying your triggers, addressing your worst fears, and focusing on your strengths and abilities. We will also highlight the importance of personal validity and reliability. Finally, we will create an ideal system of grounding and mindfulness to be the solid ground in the midst of the storm. This contingency plan will involve carrying and embodying your light, even in the darkest of days.



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