From dabbling in web3 to a mental health tech startup.

Deena Al Jassasi
3 min readMar 23


Midjourney — Prompt: Roy Lichtenstein painted a bionic cartoon brain with computer chips

Building an NFT project has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. The combination of psychology and Web3 technology not only goes beyond the previous innovation but also opens the door for inventiveness.

As we become more and more intertwined with our technology, from our phones to the algorithms that blueprint our existence, it is even more important than ever to take the implications of the fusion of our psyche, mental well-being, and technology seriously. This is a double-edged sword. We can either have it be our downfall or our determinant — or we can have it be what advances and elevates us higher as humanity.

The internationality and driving force behind my work has — and will always be — to make this world a better place, specifically a mentally healthier place. The integration with technology has been a pleasant coincidence, opening the door of opportunity into the minds of others via the World Wide Web.

What truly captivated me was Web3. My prediction was that this technology, cryptography, and blockchain were here to stay. More importantly, if we are building the next layer of the internet, can we do it right? We have already seen the negative and positive effects Web2 has brought about. Impressively, the power that comes with our interwovenness with technology and the internet is intensifying day by day.

That being said, I created Hacked Psyche NFT out of this realm of consciousness. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and a definite marker of my career. However, today we have arrived at a point where I cannot deny the current status quo nor the particular set of advantages and opportunities presented to me. A set of advantages that will ultimately benefit humanity at best — as creating maximum impact is the underlying foundation and again — the driving force behind this creation.

Hacked Psyche NFT consisted of three stages:

Stage I -> An interactive workshop based on the guide to hacking your psyche.

Stage II -> Interactive mental health workshops.

Stage III -> A meta-mental health clinic.

Stage I will be paused. I will continue working with a select few clients for one-on-one coaching, as seen on my site However, as a collective workshop, this will be paused until further notice. In the meantime, ‘The Guide’ is a living methodology, and a novel edition is in the works. And inevitably, probably during a bull run with Apple’s VR goggles released.

Regarding Stage II, I have figured out a better model to serve a higher number of people that’s scientifically verifiable and reliable. This model is integrated within, the mental health AI startup.

As the founder, I made an executive decision based on timing and practical impact to pivot from a meta clinic into a mental health AI startup. Think of this as a change to the architectural design — the foundational structure remains the same.

Ultimately, a reminder that bear markets are the ideal time for building and rebuilding.

Currently the MVP is under construction and the website is to come to life soon. I am also currently seeking a CBO and CBO. Reach out to me via email to

Stay tuned.

See you on the other side.

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Deena Al Jassasi

Building a mentally healthier tech tomorrow. Creator of ‘The Guide To Hacking Your Psyche’: psychology, warfare + spirituality.