Deena Al Jassasi
3 min readJul 25, 2022


Human Morale, Mental Capitalistic Programming and Web3.

This letter is Hacked Psyche’s response to Vitalik Buterin questioning the economic integration of morale within our current economic structure.

It critiques our current model, whilst highlighting the negative internalization of neo-liberalism found within the human psyche and the imminent need for change.


The industrial revolution and colonial history never accounted for human morale – as autonomous work did not factor in the human psyche. As we shift into the robotisation era, human happiness and creativity are now interwoven and correlate with economic loss.

Integrating human happiness into the economic equation questions the fundamental basis of capitalism. Specifically, neo-liberalism and the rise of personal accountability towards happiness and morale. Ignoring the basis of – what is the point of these so-called “resources”, if are they largely unattainable by the general population and automatically shunned; based on the flawed theoretical basis and ideological origins of our current economic structure. Hence, regardless of how many times the slogan of “mental health matters” is repeated. No real change will ever truly occur until we reevaluate, critique and adjust our current model to factor in the human psyche and morale. Ironically, ignoring this flaw is currently resulting in economic loss and placing a burden on the healthcare system. We have a monumental number of scientific research that supports the relationship (correlation and causation) between psychological health and physical health. The science of epigenetics supports the generational DNA impact that stressors cause. Hence, not only making us sick. But making our children’s children sick as well.

Based on our current trajectory, the situation will continue to deteriorate. Further reiterated by our pressure upon the human psyche for critical thinking, creative innovative and inventive work. Beyond larger economic structures, on an individualistic level, we, unfortunately, have internalized the capitalistic/neoliberal structure into our psyches. Hacked psyche argues that we currently navigate with capitalistic internal programming. This results in us perceiving our worth based on two factors.

1) How much we consume (how much money we spend/what we own)

2) How much we create (how much money we make/what we do)

Thereby, pegging our inherent human worth to a fundamentally flawed system. This is inherently unnatural and further results in the deterioration of our morale. Hacked Psyche argues that this “capitalistic programming” is inherently unnatural. It is a form of external programming that’s been installed into the human psyche. Thereby, causing the human ‘machine’ to operate in the best interest of the programmer, than the human in question. As humans, our machines are designed to gravitate towards a baseline of above-average contentment, happiness and health. We are not designed to peg our worth to a greater structure, that thrives on our perpetual discontent and obsession with capital. We are designed to be free. We are created to be.

Our current model is not sustainable. Our future looks bleak. As income inequality rises and the climate/health crisis shakes humanity. We are to expect mass migrations and further political unrest. Fortunately, we still hold the power to change it. We hold more power than we perceive. Prevention is better than cure and we still have the time to not only remedy our current crises but to restructure the system in a manner that will create a healthier world for generations to come. There is hope. This is where web3 can come in and tremendously shift the economy, our perception of the economy and our self-perceptions.

Hacked Psyche calls upon the greatest minds of our time to re-direct, mobilize and accelerate our positive growth. We are currently writing history and this letter urges us to build a layer of internet connectivity with a decentralized inherent human-first approach. The greatest threat to humanity will never be technology, as it is merely a tool. Rather, the threat lies in the human intentionality and energetic drive placed behind it. Hacked Psyche urges us all to question the intentionality and motivation behind why we operate and exist.

Most importantly, the future we intend on setting up for the upcoming generations and the legacy we wish to leave.

For more information, refer to the whitepaper found on this medium account.



Deena Al Jassasi

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