Hacked Psyche NFT Whitepaper

Deena Al Jassasi
12 min readJun 5, 2022

You have yet to experience your happiest days.

  • Mission — Vision — Values — Purpose
  • Stage I: Master Guide Immersive Workshops and Spaces
  • NFT Cards: Black Access, Essentials, Dark, and Light
  • The Guide to Hacking Your Psyche: Explained
  • Pricing and Purchase
  • Markets and Forecast
  • Ethics and Eligibility
  • Stage II: Mental Health Workshops and Spaces
  • Stage III: Meta Expansion


Mission — Vision — Values — Purpose


Hacked Psyche aims to improve digital mental health and well-being, by bridging the gaps between personal development, psychological techniques, and web3. Through a series of immersive workshops and collaborative cyber spaces, we’re building a metaverse where individuals connect, collectives evolve, and humankind advances.

Vision // Hacked Psyche envisions a healthier meta tomorrow.

Purpose // Hacked Psyche’s ultimate goal is to foster positivity online and off, impacting users today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.


Human First — Hacked Psyche values human life and well-being above all else.

Accessibility — Hacked Psyche believes in the creation of healthy public discourse and inclusive spaces for all.

Proactivity — Hacked Psyche supports proactivity over reactivity.

Legacy — Hacked Psyche creates positive impact through a generational lens.

Connectivity — Hacked Psyche creates collaborative spaces where people can connect and support one another.

Science — Hacked Psyche believes in science and the use of scientific research to advance humanity.

Stage I


Hacked Psyche is a utility card NFT that’s stored on the XRP ledger and enables access to immersive workshops and cyber spaces modeled after “The Guide to Hacking Your Psyche”. Throughout this whitepaper, the source material will be referred to as “The Guide” for short.

“The Guide” is a three-part series that doubles as Hacked Psyche’s foundational philosophy and as a masterclass. Its underlying principles stem from a ground-breaking cyber-humanistic framework, which is centered around helping people hack their psyche to tap into their potential (refer to “The Guide: Explained” for more information).

The learnings are divided into three distinct sections: Essentials, Dark, and Light. Two sections — Essentials and Dark — contain six workshops each while the third — Light — features seven workshops.

Each section of the series details a specific element of “The Guide” methodology, totaling 19 robust, insightful, and life-changing workshops. The live, biweekly sessions will be hosted by Founder Deena Al Jassasi. Certain workshops may require supplementary materials, provided on the website www.hackedpsychenft.com. The workshops will also be available to cardholders as VOD content for the duration of “The Guide”. Upon the official completion of “The Guide”, all workshops and spaces will be (tentatively) rendered public, to uphold our commitment to accessibility and promote digital goodwill.

Genesis I will include the sale of four NFT cards: Black, Essentials, Dark, and Light. The minted cards will total 420 units.

NFT Cards: Black Access, Essentials, Dark, and Light

Essentials Cards (112 total)

Programming: System I + II analysis

Cyber Theme: Knowing and troubleshooting one’s code

Humanistic Theme: Analysis of the self and future projection

Dualistic Component: Uncovering the true nature of the self

Based on: Individual and Social Psychology

Essentials cardholders gain access to the Essentials series. Each card grants the owner entrance to the immersive workshops and channel space on the associated Discord server.

Upon completion of the Essentials series, cardholders can expect to:

  • Know the fundamental parts of themselves, on psychological, physical, and consciousness levels.
  • Possess an organized, chronological, mental orientation of the past. This will include a clear sense of direction regarding future patterns, on individual and social levels.
  • Grasp the fundamentals of mindfulness and meta-cognition.
  • Comprehend deep analyses of mental programming and external societal programming.
  • Understand techniques to identify personal needs in advance and successfully attain mental health help.
  • Access unlockable content.

Concepts covered in this series include: Know Thyself, Individual Patterns: Past, Present and Future, Social Patterns: Past, Present and Future, Mental Real Estate, Need Versus Want, and Focused Help*.

* The Focused Help workshop details educational tactics that can be used to attain help. More specifically, this model homes in on how to attain mental health help and how to differentiate between the many models of therapeutic treatment. In accordance with our value of accessibility, Focused Help will be available to the public once completed. This workshop forms the initial bridge from self-improvement (Stage I) to mental health (Stage II).

Dark Card (112 Cards)

Programming: Editing System I with System II

Cyber Theme: Debugging and hacking one’s code

Humanistic Theme: Transforming the subconscious into the conscious

Dualistic Component: Utilizing the darkness for the greater good

Based on: Strategic and Tactical Warfare

Upon completion of the Dark series, cardholders can expect to:

  • Fundamentally understand and distinguish the darker aspects of the self.
  • Possess the ability to cognitively challenge oneself with differential ideologies and perspectives.
  • Understand the principles, strategies, and tactics of psychological warfare, including how to create and implement mental, physical, and consciousness boundaries.
  • Know how to work responsively, in sync with pain, suffering, and negativity.
  • Utilize mindset training to know the difference between scarcity and abundance, and survival and “thrival”.
  • Access unlockable content.

Dark cardholders gain access to the Dark series. Each card grants the owner entrance to the designated immersive workshops and channel space on the associated Discord server.

Concepts covered in this series include: Neuroticism and Strategic Implementation, Utilizing Extremists, Boundaries Implementation and Defense Retaliation, Psychological Warfare: Strategy and Tactics, Pain, and Survival Versus Thrival.

Light Card (112 Cards)

Cyber Theme: Running and automating one’s code

Mental Programming: Automating System II into System I

Humanistic Theme: Transforming the conscious into the subconscious

Dualistic Component: Carrying your light even on the darkest of days

Based on: Consciousness and Quantum Physics

Upon completion of the Light series, cardholders can expect to:

  • Seamlessly tap into the mind, body, and consciousness.
  • Possess the fundamental ability to script from the perspective of the future self.
  • Possess fundamental training in visualization and consciousness matching.
  • Envision a clear image and sketch of the future self, goals, and milestones.
  • Understand how to love and appreciate oneself.
  • Draw from gratitude training and consciousness energy matching.
  • Set up systems of conscious work to transform into the subconscious.
  • Script an individual aspect: mental, physical, and consciousness.
  • Script a social aspect: relationship, lifestyle, and career.
  • Access unlockable content.

Light cardholders gain access to the Light series. Each card grants the owner entrance to the designated immersive workshops and channel space on the associated Discord server.

Concepts covered in this series include: Securing, Reinforcing & Automating, Mental Athlete, Purpose, Money & Profession, Self-Adoration, Bodily Embodiment, 5D Love, and Worst Day Ever.

Black Card (85 Cards)

Analyze, Edit, and Automate.

Black cardholders gain access to the full immersive workshop, including all three series. Holders will also have access to an exclusive channel on the Hacked Psyche Discord server and an exclusive Telegram group. Moreover, they will be eligible for up to four one-on-one private sessions with the founder, Deena Al Jassasi.

The Guide to Hacking Your Psyche: Explained


Hardware -> Operating System -> Application -> User

You are a walking, talking computer. Your mind is software, your body is hardware, and your consciousness is electricity. Any form of malfunction or disconnect must be addressed and strengthened before proceeding to the next stage or activity. Your mental software is divided into two distinct compartments: the Operating System (OS) and the Applications (AP). The OS reflects your automated, quick, subconscious mind and the AP reflects your effortful, conscious mind. The OS is the panel that organizes, connects, and navigates between the hardware (your brain) and applications (your consciousness). The OS is considered to be System I, the quick, automated segment of your mind.

Your AP is the space that hosts mental browser tabs for day-to-day thoughts and connects the external world (the user) with the internal subconscious (the OS). Deeply embedded internal programming can be found within the OS, System I. Superficially embedded external programming can be found within the AP, System II. Therefore, the varying difficulty of the hacking process is highly dependent on the location of the bugged code. Notably, one must utilize the AP, System II, to access and change the OS, System I.

Both the OS and AP are written in mental code. Thus, in order to hack one’s code, one must follow a three-step process. First, it’s crucial to read and troubleshoot your code to find where the bugged code lies. Second, you must edit and debug your code, which includes erasing and rewriting the programming. Third, you come full circle by running and automating your code, which involves setting up and streamlining your OS and AP systems. Herein, these steps will be referred to as the following three phases: Troubleshoot, Edit, and Automate.

There are two forms of programming installed within humans — internal programming and external programming. The internal programming is created and installed to facilitate the optimal functioning of the human machine, and ensure it operates in its own best interest. The external programming works in favor and interest of the external developer.

(See the Internal Versus External programming section below for more information).


Mind <-> Body <-> Consciousness // Essentials -> Dark -> Light

You have a mind, a body, and states of consciousness. You are neither your mind, nor your body, nor your consciousness; rather, you are beyond that, as the sum is greater than its parts. You live in a dualistic 3D world, where there is order and there is chaos, both of which could be external and/or internal. You strive to find balance while tilting the odds in your favor. You acknowledge the notion of operation from lower frequencies and higher frequencies, as determined by the nature of your daily thoughts, based on your default subconsciousness and consciousness. You contain elements of light and dark within yourself. The dark is your shadow side, the self operating from a lower frequency, including your neuroticism and your demons. Your true neuroticism represents your natural dark tendencies; this darkness rightfully belongs to you. Your demons are the external form of darkness and harm inflicted externally; this darkness does not rightfully belong to you. The light is the embodiment of your true higher self, the self that is operating from a higher frequency, with orientation geared towards the best interest of the self. It is who you are, with intentionality, purpose, and positive impact. Therefore, in order to hack your humanistic psyche, you must understand the essence of yourself, the manipulation of your darkness, and the embodiment of your light. You recognise that there are differential forms of dimensions that can be accessed through differential states of consciousness. Going through these realms grants you access to spaces beyond the 3D and empowers you to tap into your preferred timeline.

>>> All about programming <<<

Internal Versus External

Internal Programming

Our brains have embedded modes of programming. This includes, but is not limited to, our visual system, language system, and emotional system. Our bodies have physiological systems — nervous, immune, and cardiac. Our brains emit electromagnetic and quantum fields that are active and reactive to our surroundings and influence our consciousness levels. These modes have developed throughout our evolution to ensure our survival, and then our thrival as homo sapiens. “The Guide” works in sync within nature’s systems of human programming. The ultimate objective is to have these systems work with you, rather than against you.

External Programming

We live within frameworks of power. This power could be ancient, such as a patriarchal or religious power. Or it could be more recent, such as neoliberal or white supremacist power. Systems of power create modes of mental programming, each of which is tailored to a particular individual to have them serve the greater interest of the power entity over the interest of their true self. These systems could be installed within us at any stage of our lifetime, from early development to complete maturity. These systems of power normally operate from a lower frequency, invoking emotions of anger, desire, grief, fear, apathy, guilt, and shame. The ultimate and ongoing objective of “The Guide” is to hack into the self, edit out the external programming, and reprogram the self to operate back in accordance with its own best interest.

Pricing and Purchase

The Hacked Psyche NFT cards can be purchased with XRP.

The prices are as follows:

  • Black Card: 3888 XRP — 84 cards
  • Essentials Series: 625 XRP — 112 cards
  • Dark Series: 625 XRP — 112 cards
  • Light Series: 625 XRP — 112 cards

Hacked Psyche NFT sales will be facilitated through the Sologenic NFT Marketplace.

Markets and Forecast

Hacked Psyche’s business model, purpose, and content focus all build upon explosive growth in several interconnected industries.

Most notably, the global self-improvement industry topped $41.82 billion in 2021, with an expected 5.6% yearly gain in the year ahead. As indicated by this sector’s stellar revenue and its current projections, there is not only a clearly established market, but high potential for outreach to our target customers.

Linked to self-improvement, the global mental health market is currently valued at $63 billion, with an increase of over 3.2% expected during the forecast period (2021 to 2028). With so much investment in both self-improvement and mental health services, Hacked Psyche is well-positioned to offer a relevant and unique approach to wellness that truly resonates.

There’s also great promise on the technological side of Hacked Psyche’s offerings.

The NFT market has shown impressive strength in a relatively short period of time. The industry is currently worth $17.6 billion (2021), having undergone a 21,350% annual jump from $82.5 million in 2020. This exponential growth is projected to reach $35 billion in 2022 and soar above $80 billion by 2025. These forecasts demonstrate the power of Non-Fungible Tokens in the mass market as well as the potential for unlimited use cases, including those functions that will expand NFTs’ technological potential.

In that same vein, the global metaverse market is expected to reach $1,607.12 billion by 2030, with an increase of 43.3% during the forecast period. Thus, as users search for positive, engaging digital spaces and applicable services, Hacked Psyche will be there to address market gaps and bring wellness together with emerging technologies.

The three stages of our business model are as follows:

  • Stage I — Integrating the self-advancement and NFT industries
  • Stage II — Integrating mental health and NFT technology
  • Stage III — Integrating the metaverse

The integration of the self-improvement, mental health, and NFT industries is nothing short of revolutionary. This approach lays the foundation for Hacked Psyche to evolve into its mature form as a tech-first, meta health company. Visit Stage III for more information.

Ethics and Eligibility

Hacked Psyche “The Guide” cardholders agree to the initial requirements of relative baseline functionality and mental stability, as “The Guide” requires relative mental flexibility and cognitive endurance.

Those individuals experiencing high degrees of mental suffering are to be considered the “Focused Community” (FC). In sync with the “Focused Help” workshop, the FC is urged and guided towards seeking specialized mental health care. Moreover, their needs will be surveyed and questioned in accordance with Stage II. Refer to “Focused Help” in the Essentials series and Stage II for more information.

Stage II

Stage II will gradually create, open, and integrate mental health spaces through immersive workshops within the Hacked Psyche Discord server. This will be limited and under the regular supervision of designated mental health professionals.

During Stage I, the Hacked Psyche, FC, and extended communities will be surveyed and questioned, in accordance with their mental health needs. Based on these needs, designated mental health workshops will be tailored and presented, thus, ensuring the connectivity between the services provided and the collective genuine need of the community.

Designated NFT cards give holders access to specialized mental health workshops. Notably, these workshops will be hosted by specialized mental health professionals in their respective sub-fields.

Once a workshop has been completed, a designated channel (Discord space) will be accessible to the associated cardholders. The designated spaces will be supervised by specialized mental health professionals and continuously moderated. This is to ensure the safety and security of the Hacked Psyche community and sub “Focused” community, in accordance with ethical considerations and our “human first” value.

The expansion into Stage III will be based on the data set collected and analyzed from Stage I and Stage II.

Stage III

*Subject to revision*

This section details the evolution of Hacked Psyche NFT into a Meta Health Technological company.

Stage III marks a pivotal moment in Hacked Psyche’s web3 evolution. Hacked Psyche will branch into a separate entity. Namely, The Company (TBD). The evolution of Hacked Psyche and The Company will occur in the metaverse. The meta-future details of Hacked Psyche will be disclosed upon the completion of “The Guide”. Genesis I cardholders’ privileges will continue on in the metaverse.

The Company will be built into the meta realm as a connectivity and mental health space. The metaverse space will be accessed via the AI mental health triage algorithm; humans will be connected in the metaverse to designated professionals and collective spaces, thus, streamlining the “attaining help” process through efficient and effective technological solutions. Furthermore, this stage presents a pre-emptive solution to a preventable problem.

The future of the metaverse has been highly criticized and foreshadowed as being detrimental for humanity — specifically, the deterioration and disorientation of mental health and well-being. In alignment with Hacked Psyche’s values, The Company plans to counter mental deterioration and transform it into mental healing, advancement, and connectivity, allowing the technology to upgrade, rather than downgrade, humanity.

The Company aims to connect humans in the metaverse to designated professionals and collective spaces through a triage AI algorithm. The AI algorithm will be built in conjunction with specialized professionals who are renowned in their respective fields. Notably, we’ll prioritize professionals with specializations in Psychometric, Psychiatric, and Psychological Assessment, in accordance with the gold standard of medical ethics and backed by the secure nature of blockchain technology.

Future details will be updated as Hacked Psyche progresses.



Deena Al Jassasi

Building a mentally healthier tech tomorrow Brainz.Health. Creator of ‘The Guide To Hacking Your Psyche’: psychology, warfare + spirituality.