Astrology: A journey on money, intellectual snobbery and open-mindedness.

Deena Al Jassasi
5 min readNov 24, 2022

This piece is to correct my vocal history of disregarding astrology.

I often find myself on my bed staring at the ceiling, To be honest, it’s one of my favorite things to do. To sit. Reflect. Kick back. And, allow my mind to question and wonder. That particular night, I sat down re-thinking a conversation that occurred at a random rooftop event during crypto Miami.

This was April 2022, before the summer crypto crash and by then I had dabbled into the world of trading with curiosity fueled by my ADHD dopamine-seeking brain. I didn’t really enjoy it though. My lack of comprehension of how the market fluctuates bothered me. For stocks. it was clear. A company pushes out a product, based on their relationship with the consumer and on the quality of that relationship, the price with either go up or down. But, for crypto, I had no idea what was going on. I studied the technology and overarching philosophy of decentralization. Both which deeply appealed to me. But, trading was absolutely chaotic. My brain hurt trying to find a pattern. However, I couldn’t help myself. The fluctuations showed me that there was a lot of money to be made. Yet, I practiced heavy skepticism and only traded what I was comfortable losing.

Back to the rooftop, the discussion of crypto and astrology came up. And, I was informed, “millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do”.

This. This got my attention.

Back to the ceiling, I began a debate with myself about astrology. Keep in mind, I’ve always held a form of disdain towards the topic. I found Astronomy to be the 21st replacement for Astrology. Astronomy is a real science based on factual reality. Astrology is more pseudo-science mixed with scammy faux psychics. Most annoyingly, the reductionistic aspect of 12 signs nauseated me. Humanity is far too complex to be grouped in such a “mythical” way. Not including how annoying I found the majority of the spiritual community to be. The constant preaching of love and light invoked an automated, please stfu, response. However, I had a big secret. This was June 2022 and crypto crashed. Anyone I knew involved in web3 lost a significant loss of up to 60%. But, I didn’t.

There are certain truths in this world, and one of them is that we navigate in cycles and patterns. Markets aren’t an exception. We have bulls and bears. Ups and downs. Throughout the past year the crypto market was on a bull run. High amounts of money circulating in the ecosystem and I predicted a crash would come in to recalibrate the market. I knew something dramatic was going to happen, I just didn’t know when. In a matter of time, I found one trading pattern, the mix of the lunar cycle and crypto. Leading me to keep an eye on astrology crypto to see when the market could potentially crash. And, I was right. It was near and I followed recommendations to switch to stable crypto coins pegged to a centralized currency. Which I did. No hesitation. No doubt. I switched my whole portfolio and moved on with my day. Then, the crash happened. And, guess who’s portfolio was still intact?

So, there I was, thinking to myself. How could I be so adamant and negative about something, while still using it positively to advance my life? Clearly, there was a mental mismatch. The debate began to intensify, as I listed the civilizations before us that have used and advanced the study of the cosmic. From the Sumerians, Babylonians, Romans, Greeks, and Arabs. Civilizations that created the pillars of modern information, health and technology. We are currently ignoring a vast majority of centuries of health treatments and potent herbal medication, in direct favor of western medicine and perpetual over-use of synthetic medication. (Notably, the most addictive tend to be “naturally derived. Example, Opioids and poppy plants.) This is, in no way, shape, or form, disregarding the evolution of medicine and modern science. If I am sick, you will find me in a modern-day hospital. I don’t want a reiki healer, I want a trauma doctor. However, I critique the western model of medicine and its sole dependence upon “reactive” medicine and disregard for “proactive” medicine. Proactive medicine is part of our day-to-day lives. It’s what we have inherited as information from previous civilizations. Bringing us to the point, where I began to question whether the field ‘Astrology’ is belittled by other fields and whether I am belittling it myself — specifically because I consider myself “above it” as a field. How modern medicine views holistic medicine. Call it intellectual snobbery.

The mental argument is now intensified with evidence. I self-argued that, if the sun is too close, we burn. If the sun is too far, we freeze. The moon affects the water, marine scientists must chart the lunar calendar. There are higher levels of hospital visits and incidents during full moons. We have centuries-old myths of werewolves, a human that becomes a beast under the full moon. This led me to conclude that we do have a relationship with the cosmos and our history consistently supports it. Hence, to believe that planetary energy doesn’t affect us and/or could significantly alter our lives — is small-minded and idiotic. As humans, by denying the greater vastness of existence. We’re no better than little children that think the world is only what they see.

The following period led to brain pain. But, I like it when my brain hurts. It means it’s working. And, this time it was working to figure out birth charts. You have 12 houses, 12 signs and over 6 major planetary placements. Each overlap expresses a certain type of energy, due to its unique combination. Then, you combine those combinations to build a story. Which, I found deeply interesting. This leads you to thousands of differential patterns. Hence, the complexity of the chart corrected my 12 signs reductionistic theory. I began to track and coordinate my life events with the cosmic charts. And, to study the correlation. More, importantly, see how I could use the cosmic to my favour. Interestingly, due to its complexity and deep psychological interactions, I am surprisingly enjoying the astrological study journey. I took it a step further and began to integrate astrological analysis with my mindset clients. So far, it’s shown to be a useful psyche examination tool. Ironically, I’ve had numerous people reach out to me for a brief combined analysis. Which transformed into a service I now provide. Today, I cannot unlearn what I’ve learned. Conclusively, this leads me to look at the world differently — in awe of its vastness and in appreciation towards the work left by our intellectual predecessor. Lastly, to keep an open mind and to continuously challenge our belief systems. Likes and dislikes. Trust, that the right ones will be reinforced and clarified.



Deena Al Jassasi

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